Supervised Urban Community Exposure Certificate Program

A guided program for Republican activists and candidates to acquire enhanced community outreach abilities.

Certificate Requirements

  • Schedule an appointment with Baltazar
  • Visit Nature’s Hotline on a photogenic Tuesday morning
  • Assess and identify local leaders
  • Introduce yourself to the on-site leadership, and explain who you are confidently and persuasively
  • Shake hands with all on-site leadership
  • Achieve zero gaffes, triggering statements
  • Achieve zero awkwardness. If your presence makes folks nervous, respond reassuringly/warmly and actively make them feel comfortable. Avoid coming across like an undercover cop. Make community members feel that you won’t report them to ICE without saying that you won’t report them to ICE.
  • Walk the food bank line and introduce yourself to each client
  • Solicit and listen to at least one personal story
  • Distribute campaign or party literature
  • Take at least 5 still photos (including at least one shaking hands with locals)
  • Take at least one video with speaking parts
  • Connect with at least one local person (besides Nature’s Hotline staff) on social media