Baltazar Fedalizo knows how to fix the problem

With a deep understanding of the issues that are causing pain such as High gas prices, Baltazar understands the root cause of the problems we face and he knows how to fix them.

The pandemic threw a wrench into the global economy. While serving in the US Navy  Baltazar Fedalizo worked was a Supply Corps officer to make sure the right items arrived at the right time.

I understand homelessness because for 48 months – I was homeless. While figuring out a way out, I took notes. Many existing programs aren’t reaching the right people at the right moment. I will fix this. 

Gas Prices and inflation have gotten too high. As your representative I will use my experience in the alternative fuels industry to lower the cost of energy for you and your family and protect the environment in a sustainable way. I know how to fix the problem.

  • Introduce legislation to incentivize the development of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal. 
  •  Work with local businesses to create an energy efficiency program that will help reduce energy costs. 
  •  Advocate for tax credits and other incentives for businesses that invest in energy-efficient technologies.
  • Lobby for increased funding for research and development of alternative fuel sources. 
  • Support the development of public transportation systems to reduce the need
Baltazar Fedalizo reviewing notes at job site
Baltazar serving in US Navy - Supply Corp Officer
Baltazar Fedalizo visiting with the homeless in Los Angeles CA-37
Bio-Diesel Entrepreneur Newspaper Article Baltazar Fedalizo


Baltazar Fedalizo, a half Native American and Filipino. He is running for Congress in the 37th district in Los Angeles. He was Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 for his work on employing the formerly incarcerated, helping reintegrate them into the community. A U.S. Navy Supply Corps veteran his skills translated to the civilian world winning multiple Entrepreneur of the Year awards, including the Los Angeles Business Journal “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2010 for his impact in the green bio-fuel industry.

Baltazar was one of the the first entrepreneurs to understand the complex needs and logistics required for home delivery of medical mariuana and the importance of cannabis as medicine. He expedited care for non ambulatory home and wheel chair bound patients building on his experience owning Infinite Solutions Adult Day Healthcare center for seniors.

Most recently Baltazar has answered a call to duty in the 37th district in Los Angeles, California where he resides and is ready to tackle the issues that affect his community.

“There is no excuse for the homelessness. Politicization of the issue, lax enforcement, and lack of oversight and accountability with existing programs as well as inadequate leadership has caused the current crisis” Baltazar wants to fix that.

At the Federal level, Baltazar will address energy prices, inflation, most importantly the foreign aid spending, citizens are entitled to be paid first,” assuming anyone gets paid at all,” said Baltazar. The 37th district will no longer confuse, success with significance and they will note distinction without difference is vanity.” – “Leadership is submission to duty not to the heights of power and acknowledgment,” said Baltazar.

TL;DR: Baltazar Fedalizo is a half Native American and Filipino running for Congress in the 37th district in Los Angeles. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 for his work on employing the formerly incarcerated and has won multiple Entrepreneur of the Year awards. He is committed to tackling the issues of homelessness and energy prices in the district, and believes that citizens should be paid first.

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