Baltazar Fedalizo - Candidate for Congress - CA District 37

Meet Baltazar

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Baltazar Fedalizo, and I’m running for Congress in the 37th district of Los Angeles. I come from a unique background, with a mix of Native American and Filipino heritage.

You know, something pretty amazing happened back in 2017. I was actually nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize! It was an honor that came my way because of the work I’ve done to help those who were once incarcerated find jobs and successfully reintegrate into our community. I truly believe in giving everyone a second chance.

Before jumping into politics, I served in the Navy. I’m proud to say that I’ve received awards for my entrepreneurial ventures. One achievement that stands out is my contribution to the bio-fuel industry, where I’ve made a positive impact on our environment. Taking care of our planet is something that matters deeply to me. Here’s the thing: I’ve got strong roots in this community, right here in the 37th district of Los Angeles. I call this place home, and that’s why I’m committed to tackling the challenges and issues that affect us all. Together, we can make our neighborhood an even better place to live.

I’m excited to be here and share this journey with all of you. Let’s work together to create positive change and build a stronger, more vibrant community for everyone.

Baltazar serving in US Navy - Supply Corp Officer
Baltazar Fedalizo visiting with the homeless in Los Angeles CA-37
Bio-Diesel Entrepreneur Newspaper Article Baltazar Fedalizo